Nordic New Music: Norwegian trio Shuffle Baby

It’s really heating up over here in the UK! We recommend this remedy for a scorching Friday: get Shuffle Baby’s new single ‘Over It’ on full blast, soak up the sunshine, grab your favourite beverage and shimmy (or shuffle) that booty! Ready? Then let’s meet Erland from the band to find out about their influences, […]

Nordic New Music: Icelandic musician Myrkvi

Myrkvi has a busy few months ahead of him – today sees the release of his next single ‘Crossroads’, he has a slot in the upcoming Iceland Airwaves festival, and an album out in autumn! Tell us who you are and what’s your sound? I am an Icelandic musician and just started my solo career […]

Nordic New Music: Jökull Logi

Oh we are such suckers for beats and they don’t come much better than the fantastic Jökull Logi! The Icelandic jazz hip hop beat master has just released his new album and a new single this week. Tell us who you are and what’s your sound My name is Jökull Logi and I make beats. […]

Nordic New Music: LOVE SPORT

Happy Friday – it’s time for our new music feature! Today we speak to a band from Finland, Max and Mikko from LOVE SPORT, whose sound could be described as “the golden age of indie rock” which is a pretty good description in our opinion. Tell us who you are and what’s your sound Max: […]

Nordic New Music: Norwegian Band The Slow Painters

We kick off the weekend chatting to Andreas from Norwegian band ‘The Slow Painters’ – a group of friends who have been playing music together for a long time and now finally have their debut album release coming in August. We found out more about the band, their work, and some amazing tips on where […]

Pølaroit talk about their new single ‘Underwater’

Pølaroit are based in Hannover, Germany, but their new album is inspired by Denmark’s landscapes. Their first single Underwater is out this weekend and is an uplifting and nostalgic sound. It features singer Margret who adds warmth to the track’s toe-tapping electro beats and gentle piano melodies. Meet Pølaroit… Tell us who you are and […]

Nordic New Music: The Ghost of Helags

Hailing from the beautiful northern region of Sweden, The Ghost of Helags are now based in Berlin. We caught up with them on the launch of their next single ‘Parallel’. Tell us who you are and whats your sound We are the Ghost of Helags, from Sweden, living in Berlin. Electropop, Synthpop, Dreampop, call it […]

Nordic New Music: Fanu/FatGyver

Another weekend is upon us and we feel like digging into our Hip Hop and D&B feels – so today we are checking out Janne AKA Fanu AKA FatGyver from Finland! For all you beat fans out there get reading and get listening! Tell us who you are and what’s your sound. Hi! My real […]

Nordic New Music: Janus Rasmussen

We were lucky to catch up with Janus Rasmussen, who some might know as the other half of the duo KIASMOS with the excellent Olafur Arnalds. The artist, who grew up on the remote Faroe Islands, has brought out some fantastic solo work recently with his 2019 album ‘Vin’ and most recently the singles Blóð […]

New Music Feature: The Micronaut

Today sees the release of The Micronaut’s new album ‘Olympia (Summer Game)’ – we got to have a catch up with the German multi-instrumentalist to learn a bit more about the album, himself, and more! Tell us who you are and what’s your sound? I am Stefan, originally from a small village on the shore of […]

Nordic New Music: feelswithcaps

Why not kick off your week with some Finnish pop music with a twist! We got to speak to Sofi from feelswithcaps about their current album and what they have been up to! For those who may not not you know tells us who you are? We are feelswithcaps, I guess you could describe us […]

Nordic New Music: Tomode

Well there is one way to head into the weekend and that is having a dance to Tomode’s new single ‘Destiny No.20’ setting your ears alive with a range of sounds we can’t think of anything better to kick start the weekend! We talked to the Swedish duo behind the track – Viktor and Carl. […]

Nordic New Music: Axel Flovent

A couple of weeks ago we had a chat on Zoom with the amazingly talented Icelandic artist Axel Flovent. At the time, he was just at the end of lock-down in Reykjavik and we took the opportunity to talk about his upcoming album amongst other things. You are incredibly well travelled, having lived in Husavik […]

New Music Feature: Thijsenterprise

We talk about, well, everything with the talented Thijsenterprise whose new single is released today. Beats, Jazz, Bowie, Barcelona, and a whole heap of music recommendations too! Settle down for a good read on this one! Today marks the release of your new EP ‘The Snits’ and sees you taking a new direction – talk […]

Nordic New Music: Augustine

This week we have a chat with Swedish singer Augustine who just a year after his debut was named ‘Pop Artist of the Year’ at the Swedish Independent Music Awards! 2020 has seen a couple of releases from you which have proved really successful – what might we expect from you next? Thank you!! I’m […]

Nordic NEW MUSIC: Jesse Markin

Last year Jesse Markin released the excellent ‘FOLK’ – his debut album as a solo artist. We caught up with him to tell us more about himself and what he has coming next. For those that may not be familiar with your music how would you best describe your sound? A fusion of many genres […]


We discovered the wonderfull Norwegian 3-piece – I See Rivers – when they were supporting Cosmo Sheldrake a couple of years back. This year will see the release of their debut album and we are really excited about it – we find out more about the band. We find it amazing that despite coming from […]

NEW MUSIC FEATURE: The Mountain Howl

We discovered the excellent Mountain Howl through Instagram and were immediate fans of his music. Add to that his passion for one of our favourite countries, Iceland, and we decided we had to chat to the man behind Mountain Howl, his sound, and what he loves about Iceland. How did the name come about? I […]


So you might have heard about a little show called ‘Normal People’ which is currently airing on BBC iPlayer. As well as being a fantastic TV adaption that has caught everyone’s attention, it also boasts an absolutely brilliant soundtrack. One of the bands featured on there is the excellent Cloth… For those that might not […]


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