Nordic New Music: MALMØ

More new music and this time in the form of MALMØ on the excellent Integrity Records. Her new EP is entitled ‘The Inevitable End’ we found out more about the Danish singer and what she has planned. Firstly for those that are not familiar with your sound, how would you best describe it? I get […]

Nordic New Music: Oliver Dengsø

Danish artist Oliver Dengsø released his new single Lion last week and today sees the release of an exclusive live video recording of the track. Oliver is signed on record label Blikflak which has some fantastic artists on it including MAKE and Svaneborg Kardyb who we have covered in the past. We spoke with the […]

Nordic New Music: Linn Koch-Emery

To someone who has not heard your music before how would you best describe it?  Dynamic, personal and modern guitar-indie. Melodic, big, funny and emotional.  Your new album ‘Being the girl’ is finally released – tell us about what your approach was in terms of the theme of the album?  I never been able to write […]

Meet Ida and Asta of Denmark’s Raspy Berries

In our last Nordic New Music segment of the month we get to know Ida and Asta from Copenhagen’s glam rocking soulful outfit Raspy Berries. Yesterday saw the release of their new single ‘No Panties’ and along with the single is a fabulous video to go with it featuring drag queen Donatella Discount! Find out […]

Meet Norwegian Songwriter Kristian Grostad

With his new single released on Friday Norwegian singer songwriter Kristian Grostrad took the time to talk to us and let get to know him a little better including his plans for the year, and what he has been checking out recently. Kristian is another fantastic artist to check out on the brilliant Nordic Records […]

Meet Einangran the Folk Pop duo from the Faroe Islands

We hear from Heiðrik and Lea – the duo from Faroese band Einangran – as they release their new music for beautiful track Glashus. The pair tell us about where they are from and what they have been up to. Where are you from and what are your favourite places to experience there? We’re both […]

The experimental and expressive sound of Norway’s Synne Sanden

Nordic Records have another great release with Norwegian’s Synne Sanden and their new EP Swallowed. We found out more about the mysterious and cinematic sounds of the artist. Where are you from and what are your favourite places to experience there?        SYNNE : I’m from a little place called Treungen in the west […]

Stockholm-based artist Kamos shares his melancholic debut single

The word ‘kaamos‘ is a Finnish word in reference to the polar night, when the sun barely rises above the horizon and you have beautiful blue colours in the sky. This special, peaceful and melancholic atmosphere describes Stockholm-based artist Kamos’ music, showcased in his new single. Find out more about the artist and have a […]

Guest Album Review: Volcano Victims

Berlin-based Icelandic artist Volcano Victims released their first full-length album on February 12th 2021. Liam McArdle, fellow musician from Canada, reviews the album for us track by track: Review by Liam McArdle Volcano Victims is a fun yet oddly melancholic record dealing with heartbreak and the passing of time. The record makes a departure from […]

Meet Norway’s genre- bending music artists Anorakk

Nordic Records are a family-run record label introducing the world, and us, to some incredible new talent. This week sees the release of ‘Game Changer’ by the excellent Anorakk. We got to find out more about the band and their plans for 2021 as well as discover their favourite recipe and favouite old-school Norwegian movie. […]

Meet Copenhagen-based Ghanaian music artist Abudebi Zonjon

We meet Copenhagen-based artist Abudebi Zonjon who has a new single out to get you in the mood for the weekend! Find out more about the artist’s background, plans for 2021 and his sound, which he describes as “[swinging] from a typical Afrobeat sound to Afro-soul, then to Hip Hop and RnB, creeping to Afro-pop, […]

Take a moment with Norwegian Classical artist Vetle Nærø’s new single ‘Hypnagogia’

This past year has certainly given us plenty of opportunities to take a moment, pause and reflect. Hopefully, it’s only a matter of time until we can get back on an aircraft and see the world, to stand (or sit) in a concert hall and listen to some live music. Until then, take another pause […]

Meet Finland’s polite pop experimentalists: Ocelot

Part of the fantastic Soliti family, Ocelot have released some more music to wrap your ears around. We got to hear from the band on what they have planned for 2021 (if we can plan anything!) and what they have been checking out – plus we got to listen to their new EP Unelmoi released […]

Check Out Gurli Octavia’s Warm Nordic Sounds

How is it the weekend already? That week had certainly flown by and that can only be a good thing as we get to introduce our next new Nordic artist – Gurli Octavia. Where are you from and what are your favourite places to experience there? I was born in Aarhus, Denmark, and lived there […]


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