Nordic New Music: One to watch – Brimheim

We discovered the excellent Brimheim through the ever reliable Nordic Music Review and this was backed when we spoke to singer Greta a couple of months ago. This weekend the singer released her EP Myself Misspelled which is a collection of her past singles along with two new tracks – it is everything we hoped […]

Nordic New Music: Sweden’s Multi-Instrumentalist Peter Sandberg

Some might have gathered that our taste in music is incredibly broad so rather than rocking or dancing into the weekend this time round we are mellowing ourselves out to wonderful work of Peter Sandberg – a talented ‘neo-classical and multi-instrumentalist/composer’ from Sweden. His new album Atervända is a beautiful piece of work that we […]

Nordic New Music: Faroe Islands Based Singer ‘Helgi’

Faroe Islands-based singer Helgi got in touch with us to talk about his new single – it was also an exciting moment when the singer pointed out that Minnis2 sounded a lot like ”Minnist tú” – which in Faroese means ”Do you remember?” ! We hope you remember to check out Helgi and his wonderful […]

Nordic New Music: talented Icelandic Musician Cell 7

When we discovered track ‘City Lights’ by CELL 7 we were totally besotted with the track and went on a mission to discover more of her music. We got to talk to the Reykjavik based artist who is currently working on new material after her excellent 2019 album – Is Anyone Listening? (you really should be)!

Nordic New Music: Fonetik Simbol

It has been a while since we featured some jazzy hip hop beats artists, so we were delighted when we discovered the excellent Fonetik Simbol. His new single was released a couple of weeks ago and he is working on some really exciting projects which we can’t wait to hear about. Further to that he […]

Nordic New Music: Speaking to super talented Gugusar

Gugusar is one talented teenager – hailing from Iceland we got to speak to the artist who already has an incredible debut album released in ‘Listen to this Twice’ – we have listened to it more than twice and it is a bloody great record you need to get on to (trust us)! The singer […]

Nordic New Music: Speaking with Denmark’s Yune

Yune’s debut album ‘Agog’ is another firm favourite in Minnis2Society HQ – the Danish indie/alternative band who hail from Aarhus, Denmark, are certainly ones to watch for the future. We caught up with lead singer Tobias. Tell us who you are and what is your sound? We’re 5 guys, who met each other at the […]

Nordic New Music: Sam Florian

With the UK weather giving us some end of summer vibes we seriously recommend getting Sam Florian’s Avocado Daydream album and get ready to embrace it. Sam caught our attention with his chilled pop vibes so we decided to catch up with the Swedish based singer. Tell us who you are and what is your […]

Nordic New Music: Var

This week we catch up with Indie Post Rock band VAR who earlier this year released their excellent album ‘The Neverending Year’ which seems like a pretty apt title given the year we have had so far in 2020! We caught up with the Icelandic band to see what will follow next off the back […]

Nordic New Music: Greta

We found ourselves totally immersed into Greta’s synthy dreamscape pop – so much so that we felt we had to find out more about the German (but Copenhagen based) artist’s new album and more. Get ready for some amazing recommendations and make sure you check out her excellent new album! Tell us who you are […]

Nordic New Music: Danish Band Fugleflugten

We got to speak to Rasmus from Danish band ‘Fugleflugten’ about the new single (which was released last week), the built up to their new album and we also find out who lost his keys! Tell us who you are and whats your sound We are Fugleflugten. A Copenhagen-based quartet that likes to mix different […]

Nordic New Music: Damen

We are not entirely sure how our boombox in Minnis2Society HQ managed to fall upon Damen’s album ‘Sagrada Familia’ but the album has had at least several listens, daily, ever since! We managed to get hold of Danial from the band whose album, in our ears, sounds like a blissful Local Natives record with a […]

Nordic New Music: Cape Lion

We caught up with the talented Cape Lion who first caught our attention with his beat making – but we learned he has a whole lot more tricks up his sleeve to learn about! Tell us who you are and what is your sound I’m Carl-Johan “Oa” Sevedag aka Cape Lion and a whole bunch […]

Nordic New Music: Johan Kull

We spoke to Johan Kull who has just released his new single Dream and is totally fresh to the music scene. The Swedish singer tells us what to expect next from him. Tell us who you are and what is your sound I am a 31 year old musician and producer based in Stockholm, Sweden. […]

Nordic New Music: Kristin Sesselja

Cover the kid’s ears for this one because Iceland’s Kristin Sesselja has released one of the most sweariest and catchiest pop songs you are probably ever going to hear this side of 2020. We caught up briefly with Kristin to discuss her new single ‘FUCKBOYS’, what is behind the lyrics, and where to get the […]

Nordic New Music: Swedish Pianist and Composer Henrik Lindstrand

As we head into the final weekend of August, we speak to Swedish composer and musician Henrik Lindstrand about his new single ‘Hallonlandet’ from his upcoming new solo album release. Now based permanently in Copenhagen, we find out about his musical career so far, some top tips on where to eat in Copenhagen, and some […]

Nordic New Music: Vola Tila

For new music Friday today, first up we meet dreamy Swedish alt-pop duo Vola Tila who release new single ‘Space Out’ today! Hailing from the beautiful West Coast of Sweden, the duo met studying music together back in 2012, and after years of working for other artists, they are now releasing their own debut album […]


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