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Denmark’s rising star: actress Sandra Guldberg Kampp

Back in early June we spoke to Danish actress Sandra Guldberg Kampp about her upcoming movie Wildland (Kød & blod) – the movie had picked up some rave reviews with Variety describing Sandra as having a ‘young Scarlett Johansson about her’. At the time we spoke with Sandra it was still unclear when/if the cinemas […]

Inspiring Women: Founders of Peach House

Peach House is a talent management and production house, founded in 2019 by two women. They represent UK-based and international emerging and established talent, including many from our beloved Nordic countries; combining their years of experience in the industry to nurture relationships with actors, writers, directors and musicians. We speak to the women behind this […]

Interview: Norwegian Star of The Head Hunter

If you are looking for a Norwegian stand-in for Jason Momoa look no further – we caught up with Christopher Rygh who stars in The Head Hunter (which can currently be found on Sky/Now TV) as a sword-wielding Conan the Barbarian type – a skill he is pretty good at! Let’s talk first about The […]

INTERVIEW: María Thelma Smáradóttir

If you thought being stuck in self-isolation at home was hard work then imagine being stuck out in the Arctic with no means of rescue? That’s what happened to Maria’s character in the Netflix movie ‘Arctic’ – she did have someone to keep her company though! You co-star with the legendary actor Mads Mikkelsen in […]

FEATURE: Top 5 Imaginary Friend Movies

Did you ever have an imaginary friend as a kid? I know I had a couple – one was particularly bizarre though…I used to have conversations in my head with the white line on the side of motorways. We’d have a good old chat when I was stuck on long car journeys! Moving swiftly on […]

INTERVIEW: Thomas Blake from “Point Break Live”

If you haven’t seen the Kathryn Bigelow 1991 classic ‘Point Break’ then turn away now, get watching it any way you can – then come back! For fans of the movie, welcome, you are our friends! Back when I (Mr Minnis2Society) was a kid I managed to wangle getting my parents to buy me the […]

FILM REVIEW: ‘Sea Fever’ Hits Our Shores

When the King of Horror himself, Stephen King, goes on record to rate a movie with an A- on Twitter, you certainly take notice and are aware that you might be onto something special. This rating was given to ‘Sea Fever’ – a new creepy thriller we watched this week. BAFTA-winning Irish filmaker Neasa Hardiman, […]

Talking Midsommar With Vilhelm Blomgren

In 2019 there was one movie that everyone in the horror community (and beyond) was talking about – Ari Aster’s follow up to Hereditary: Midsommar. Ari’s second directorial piece takes you on a journey that is twisted, disturbing and at points feels completely baffling – a trademark Ari is becoming known for. The film is […]

INTERVIEW: Remmie Milner – Save Me Too

Save Me Too, the second series of Save Me, is finally here and you can expect everything you experienced from the first season (and then some)! We got to speak to actress Remmie Milner who plays Daisy in the show about the new season: We can’t believe it has been just over two years since […]

INTERVIEW: Alex Billington from First Showing

Everyone has their ‘go to’ web page if they want to read about movie news – for us it First Showing and we were lucky enough to catch up with Alex from the site to talk all things movies and how the website came about! How did First Showing come about and those that might […]

FEATURE: Our Top 5 extremely long movies to watch in lockdown!

Having recently sat through Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time in Hollywood and Scorsese’s The Irishman, it got us thinking about what other movies out there we have really enjoyed, despite their very long running time. So we decided to do a short list of very long films, to help lockdown pass a little quicker! These […]

FEATURE: Marshall Curry’s “The Neighbors’ Window”

On the day of the Oscars we saw a post go up on The National’s Instagram page with a beautiful image of a movie poster and the comment: “Best of luck to our friend Marshall Curry, whose short film The Neighbors’ Window is nominated for an Academy Award this evening. #oscars” Now, one thing you […]

INTERVIEW: Josh Whitehouse

The days leading up to Christmas are all about non-stop Prosecco-popping with friends, mince pie munching, and of course, cosying up in front of some fun, feel-good Christmas movies. The latest festive film release courtesy of Netflix is ‘The Knight Before Christmas’, a romantic comedy starring Josh Whitehouse as Sir Cole and Vanessa Hudgens as […]

INTERVIEW: FriGay the 13th (Horror Podcast)

What better way to celebrate Halloween than to listen to the brilliant FriGay the 13th Horror Podcast, “…about horror–in real life AND in the movies–from an LGBT perspective!” We got to speak to Matty and Andrew about their successful podcast, and of course, find out what horror movies they recommend to watch from behind the […]


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