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Alex Minnis- Mr Minnis2Society

Founder / Creator of Minnis2Society / Author

Self-confessed movie geek – I love nothing more than watching films…perhaps other than talking about them over a few beers!

I have a few true passions – entertainment and culture, meeting people, and travel. My love of travel led me to work for a tour operator, where I got to visit Iceland and Scandinavia which ignited my love of all things Nordic. When I’m not planning holiday itineraries for clients, I’m indulging in my other passions – which led me to create Minnis2Society. This blog is somewhere where I could make connections and meet like-minded people, discuss the things I love, and share them with the world.

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Email me: minnis2society_@outlook.com

Claire Minnis – Mrs Minnis2Society

Editor / Author / Branding / Marketing

I’ve always loved writing and design, and my dream was to work on a fashion or culture magazine. After doing a journalism degree, I ended up pursuing a career in Marketing, and I love it. My day job as a Marketing Manager, along with working on Minnis2Society in my spare time, combines all the creative things I enjoy.

Alex and I love discovering things together – whether it’s the latest TV show, movie, song, fashion brand, travel destination – we get excited to delve into it, and then bring the best bits to you!

Email me: minnis2society_@outlook.com
Follow me on Instagram: @mrs_minnis2society

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