Minnis2Society Meets Sweden’s Nanna Blondell

Swedish actress Nanna Blondell appeared in one of our favourite Nordic TV shows of this year, BBC4’s Norwegian series TWIN. Upon further investigation, we discovered she also starred in the French war-drama movie ‘Sisters in Arms’ (Soeurs D’Armes) this year, and she will be making an appearance in the eagerly-anticipated upcoming Marvel film ‘Black Widow’!

Another exciting project she is currently working on is the first ever Swedish movie to be made by Netflix – action-thriller ‘Red Dot’, which is unfortunately on hold due to the pandemic. We wanted to speak to Nanna about her experience in these roles, championing diversity and representation of black women in Sweden, and her favourite places to chill out in Sweden…

We saw you this year in the excellent TWIN and next up we see you are in an upcoming Netflix movie Red Dot – tell us a bit more about the movie and when we might be expecting to see its release?

I’m really excited to be a part of a Netflix first Swedish movie. I play Nadja who’s struggling in her relationship with David. The couple decide to make an attempt to rekindle their relationship and travel to the north of Sweden for a ski hike. But their romantic trip turns into a nightmare after a quarrel with two locals and they are forced to flee into the cold snowy wilderness. This is really a genre movie and high intense paced action thriller. It was so fun to shoot this type of film. It’s very rare that they make this types of distinct action thrillers in my country. So that was a big draw for me.

We have like four more days to shoot, but because of Corona we had to take a break and now we have to wait for the snow to come back. So I’m excited to rejoin with the crew in late fall/winter to finish it.

The premier date is not set yet.    

Can you tell us anything about your involvement in Black Widow? How exciting was it to be part of that?

I can’t tell you anything actually, but it was a wonderful experience to be a small part of this universe that is Marvel and to get to work with people who are the best of the best in every department was mind-blowing. And of course I can’t wait to see the movie that premiers in November.  

Credit: LL

We are also really interested to hear and learn more about your podcast – Fenomenala Kvinnor (Phenomenal Women) – are there any plans to return to do a second series?

I started the podcast Fenomenala kvinnor because I felt a lack of diverse representation of black women in Sweden. The purpose of the podcast is to inspire and enhance visibility of black women in a positive sense. Historically, women stories have often been forgotten and even more so black women. This is a way to preserve the stories of these phenomenal women, so young women can have a larger range of role models that looks like them. So in every episode I meet a black woman with a different profession and talk about their journey, life, work and hair.

I really wanna do a second season because there’s so many more women I wanna talk to and hear more about. Unfortunately time hasn’t been on my side, and I’ve been busy working but as soon as I can I wanna start recording again. 

What have you got planned next as the world begins to get back to a bit of normality?

Nothing I can talk about… yet.

Credit: Maria Therese

When it comes to escaping –  what are some of your favourite places to visit in Sweden?

I have a house in the countryside in Roslagen. I really love that part of Sweden, it’s close to Stockholm, but you have all the beautiful nature and you are close to the sea and the archipelago.

One time we rented a house on the west coast of Sweden and I was blown away by the nature and the small fishing villages, the whole coast is really beautiful especially if you go high up close to the Norwegian boarder.  

The beautiful Roslagen archipelago – Credits: Tina Axelsson/imagebank.sweden.se

What have you been watching, reading, or listening to? Any recommendations?

Right now I’m reading Girl, Woman, Other by Bernadine Evaristo. Just started it but it seems extremely good. And I’m watching I May Destroy You on HBO Nordic which I love, it so unpredictable and really speaks to me and it’s just on point on so many things. She is an absolute star the creator and actress Michaela Coel.  

Finally, what is your tip of the day?

Enjoy life. 

Credit: Erik Magnusson

We will keep our eyes peeled for news on Red Dot – but in the meantime make sure you check out TWIN and all head to the cinema to see the excellent Black Widow movie (when it should be released in November)!

Interview by Alex Minnis

Photo Credits (in order of appearance) Andreas Öhman / LL / Maria Therese / Erik Magnusson

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