FEATURE: Minnis2Society’s 5 Podcast Recommendations

Here are some of the podcasts that we have been enjoying over the last year that have helped us through the work commute, (back when that was still a thing), taken us on a trip down memory lane back to when we were kids, and some that had us crying with laughter (Gossipmongers we’re looking at you).

We are planning to start work on our own podcast series called “Minnis2Society Meets” where we talk to guests and in some cases get some live performances too so watch out for that later in the year!

So here are Minnis2Society’s top recommended podcasts:

Shat The Movies

Do not be fooled by what some might see as a juvenile title, as this podcast is a fantastic series and concept. Shat The Movies are a group of friends who re-watch movies from the 80s and 90s that they saw as kids, and discuss there memories of the film then and how they experience them now as adults.

It is a simple premise but this show is all about the hosts – you feel like you are sat with your friends having a beer and chatting. It helps you relax, laugh, and feel like you have company if you are alone. We have been lucky enough to interview the guys (which you can read here) and also been accepted into their growing Twitter family. Be sure to also check out their Shat On TV podcast that reviews and takes a deep-dive into TV series episode by episode. Currently they are going through Westworld, but have covered the likes of Game of Thrones, True Detective, and Taboo in the past!

Click the image to get to the Podcast website to find out more!

Frigay The 13th Horror Podcast

We discovered this through Twitter and loved the series. It isn’t all horror movie related, there are extra elements to it like ghost stories and some incredibly fun segments such as ‘Whacha been watching bitch’. We spoke to the hosts last October and they are great fun!


We absolutely love the energy that hosts Russell and Hayley bring to this podcast, dedicated to the awesome British punk rock group Idles. If you thought you knew everything about the band – think again – because here is a series of shows that have been running sometime now with plenty of information and news on the band. We were so happy when we saw that the hosts finally got to meet the band too – the universe can be such a wonderful place sometimes. We even won an award with these guys (though we are not sure what it was for?!) and got to interview them last year! So if you like your Idles or similar bands (they have had a number of other guests on the podcast too included Oli from Heavy Lungs!) – go listen!


We were introduced to this podcast last year and quite frankly we haven’t looked back. If you like to have the experience of laughing hysterically in the queue to Tescos (or perhaps maybe sometimes grimace) – this is the show for you. There are hints of Chris Morris’ Blue Jam here (just so know what you might be getting into) as the three hosts (Joe Wilkinson, Poppy Hilstead and David Earle) read through a collection of stories sent in by listeners recounting gossip stories from their lives. The experience is hilarious and memorable – we recommend starting from the very beginning to get yourselves used to the format!

It is a quirky and crass bit of fun!

We even had the pleasure of seeing one of their only live shows in London in January this year, watching a recording of the podcast live with a small audience was a unique and hilarious experience. Listen out for one episode involving a bit of gossip which was sent in by yours truly!

Poppy, Joe, and David with the brilliant Gossipmongers!

One Headlights 90s Podcast

This podcast focuses on all things 90s with brilliant host (and friend to Minnis2Society) Drew Zakim. Expect to see some great pods here with discussions about 90s one hit wonders, inappropriate toy names, Beavis & Butthead, amongst many others. You might even find yours truly appearing for his first ever podcast discussing Pearl Jam and our top 15 PJ songs from the 90s.

Here are a few other ones to check out:

Dana Buckler Show
All things movies here with Dana and some of his guest hosts. He even recently got an interview with the legendary John Travolata!

Skrim Podcast
We have only just discovered these guys, a pair of Norwegians discussing Scandinavian crimes. For those that like their True Crime stories AND Scandinavia (like us) then look no further. We’re hoping to get an interview with them next month!

Movies on My Mind
We have to give shout out to our good friend Mike over at Movies on My Mind with his great podcast – plus if you are intrigued to learn what on earth Quibi is then Mike is your man!

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