FEATURE: Season 3 is the magic number

Over the last month we have been welcoming in some seriously brilliant TV series’ third seasons, with some exciting ones still to come!
Here are our Top 5 amazing shows that are releasing Season 3 this year. Better get watching Seasons 1 and 2 if you haven’t! What else have you got to do?!

OZARK (Netflix) – If you haven’t already caught this show then you really need to rectify that by heading to Netflix immediately. As it stands it is still a word of mouth/under the radar show but it is beginning to build momentum to be mentioned in the same breath as Breaking Bad. The cast is phenomenal, particularly Laura Linney and Tom Pelphrey in the most recent season, which is of course the third season of the show! AVAILABLE NOW

THIS COUNTRY (BBC iPLAYER) – What has been deemed as the final season of the show, This Country’s third season has been well received by its fans. There was a reported 52 MILLION iPlayer requests to watch the hilarious show about life in rural Britain. That is a hell of a lot. But it is hardly surprising – Daisy May Cook and brother Charlie have created something that was a cult comedy and turned it into a recognised and loved sitcom! Devastated that it’s come to a close. Watch them all now!

WESTWORLD (HBO / Now TV / Sky Atlantic) – We are into the third season of one of our favourite shows (however we must confess we are waiting for season three to finish so we can binge it!) The previous two seasons of this show have been absolutely superb and we are hoping the third season will carry on in a similar vein. With the added cast of Vincent Cassell (who is popping up everywhere at the moment) and Aaron Paul – we can’t wait to knuckle down for a binge watch of this! AVAILABLE NOW

KILLING EVE (BBC iPLAYER) – We didn’t see this third season coming so soon but here we are a few days away from it’s release. Another BBC show that has an enormous amount of attention. We won’t lie to you though, Season two was a little wobbly and it was noticeable of Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s absence. The story still finished in a fascinating place which is going to make this next season an interesting watch – even if it does fall flat it is still so much fun watching Jodie Comer! OUT 13 APRIL

SUCCESSION (HBO / Now TV / Sky Atlantic) – In Minnis2Society HQ this became a HUGE favourite, and we have only witnessed a couple of seasons. We are so excited about what is going to happen next with this show when it is released. The big questions is – when is it being released? With all the chaos of Covid-19 the pre-production has been thrown into disarray. Let’s be positive and see this as a wonderful early Christmas present with a release in December? I know what Logan Roy would say to us. TBA

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