INTERVIEW: Kills Birds

Another incredible find and a new favourite band to add to our ever-growing list – what a year for music! We got to speak to Nina and Jacob from LA-based rock band Kills Birds on being approved by Sonic Youth legend Kim Gordon and more…

A stamp of approval from ‪Kim Gordon‬ and now the LA Times has described you as one of LA’s “most exciting rock debuts in years” – how does one feel about such accolades?

Jacob: Yeah, just really grateful. The Kim Gordon thing was really cool for us—we really respect her and her work in and outside of Sonic Youth. We’ve worked really hard, but so many artists have…we recognise we have been really lucky to get such positive recognition and we don’t take the support for granted. 

You released your debut album in September how long in the making has it been?

Jacob: The album took essentially a single day to record. but that’s only because we developed and played these songs as a band for countless hours. it’s funny how much work it takes to make something that feels “effortless” to us.

Who would you describe as your influences going into the recording of the record?

Nina: Pixies‬, Interpol, ‪Smashing Pumpkins‬, ‪PJ Harvey‬, ‪Fiona Apple‬ (lyrically), ‪Sonic Youth‬…

You are touring with Starcrawler, how are you guys getting on with the shows? We can imagine they are pretty epic!

Jacob: The Starcrawler tour was interesting. They’re a very generous, hard working, young band in every sense. We had a lot of fun. Our music is feels pretty dark so there was something kinda cool about bringing that kind of energy to such young fans, jumpstarting the goth phase for a lot of young teens…and their dads. 

Have you any plans to come over to Europe to tour the album in 2020?

Nina: Yes! I think we’re coming to the UK next year. That’s the word on the street….

What have you been listening to, reading, or watching recently – any great recommendations?

Nina: I’ve been reading  a lot of non-fiction books/articles about our relationship with media and technology. Jia Tolentino’s essay, “The I in the Internet” is probably one of my favorites this year. I also recently re-watched the Ondi Timoner documentary, “‪We Live In Public‬.” I highly recommend this to anyone who is interested in learning about the early days of social media and the internet (which is actually super fascinating!!)

Jacob: I just saw that new Korean movie, Parasite . Still have goosebumps. Listening to Radiolabs series on Dolly Parton. Dolly Parton’s America I think it’s called. Really good. She’s such a badass genius goddess holy shit. 

Finally what is your tip for the day?

Jacob: Don’t fly too close to the sun. And spend quality time with animals every day.

Nina: Look up Willy Spiller’s photos of the New York City Subway (1977-1984) they’re all super cool!! 

To find out more or support Kills Birds you can check them out on their Facebook page Kills Birds and also their Instagram @killsbirds !

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