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To we talk to Drop Art who organise some exciting events tied in with the drum & bass scene – find out more below:

Who are you?

Drop Art is about drum & bass music of the finest quality. We have a focus on all-day parties, promoting up & coming talent, collaborating with local visual artists and, where we can, supporting charitable causes.

What do you do?

See above! Our focus is very much on live events (in London); we started Drop Art because, quite simply, we love drum & bass and wanted to be able to celebrate the music & share it with other people.

We had our launch party last year at the excellent Two Tribes Brewery in King’s Cross, and this January we held a big fundraiser for Help Musicians UK/Music Minds Matter at The Cause, with a sick lineup including Breakage as our headliner plus loads of others. 

What are you currently working on?

This summer we’re going back to Two Tribes with a series of free all-dayers at which we’ll be welcoming some of the best up-and-coming talent in the scene. We kick off on 25 May with a Bank Holiday Special featuring Wreckless, Qua Rush, Solsan + MCs, and our resident DJs. Expect sun (hopefully), delicious craft beer and 12 hours of quality DnB (definitely!) More details here:

We’ve also started planning next year’s big fundraiser; once again all profits will go to a charitable cause. Watch out for more info later in the year…

What are you currently enjoying (TV shows, movies, podcasts,ice cream?)

Aside from all the great DnB coming through right now, we’ve particularly enjoyed the return of the man like Alan Partridge to our screens. Movie-wise, Fighting With My Family is amazing (go see it if you still can) and we can’t wait for Avengers Endgame to be released. Right at this moment, it’s lunchtime: peanut butter (crunchy, obv) and jam sandwiches, standard!

What is your advice for today?

The world is a blur of activity and distraction, and our most immediate desires can often dominate, at the expense of our deepest ones. Find a way to focus for a while on the things – and people – that really matter.

So we are talking fresh new DnB events with craft beer and fundraising for worthy charities! I think we are totally in! Spread the love and learn more about Drop Art’s awesome work below.


Twitter / Facebook / Instagram: @dropartldn

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