INTERVIEW: Geiste From Ashes

Our second feature today on Who the ‘F’ is with the mysterious and fascinating Geiste from Ashes…..



Who are you?

I am a creature of this planet. I crawl the streets of London at night to find pretty words and put them into songs. Sometimes I think i know – other days I am not so sure. I am a dancer. I am a work in progress working towards becoming someone I can stand. 

What do you do?

Mostly lonely,  I write stories that become poems and poems that become music then I dance while i sing them to you. I also spend a lot of time trying to feel alive. 

What are you currently enjoying?

I am currently enjoying things moving slowly towards something beautiful. I have written so many songs and now I feel like it’s time to share it with people – like this feeling of sharing a secret that weighted on your shoulders and made you feel so heavy. 

What’s coming up next for you?

Hopefully lots of recording and playing around London – I want to finish my debut album (but release it in a singles/ EP way with loads of teasers and videos) – Lots of work ahead basically but it’s sweet to watch things progressing and people joining this project to create together. 

Today’s best advice? 

Go Vegan – it is good for everything and everyone.promoshot1-1

We are really excited to see what music Geiste will be bringing to us in the next few months – to keep posted and find out more you can follow here links below and check out a recent piece of work she has put together.

Facebook: Geistefromashes

Instagram: @geistefromashes

Photographer: @einsymphonie (Instagram/Facebook)


Written by Minnis2Society

Alex has spent all his life being besotted by movies, TV, and music - then came travelling and the discovery of the Nordic regions. With his wife Claire together they have started to build an entertainment and culture site that from June will begin to have a strong Nordic theme.

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