INTERVIEW: Spilling Eve/Kristy LaPointe

This week we meet the very talented Kristy LaPointe who has currently been putting together a great podcast based on the TV series Killing Eve and has got up to alsorts of other things….

Who are you?

Kristy LaPointe! I’m an actor, writer and podcaster based in Toronto, Canada.

What do you do?
As an actor and writer I work primarily in comedy. I’m the star and co-creator of two comedic web series- Yoga 101 and #interns, which  you can watch online right now! I’ve recorded an album with my musical comedy duo Hot Cousin, for years I produced and performed in an improvised Gilmore Girls comedy show in Toronto called “Gilmore Girlprov” and if you recognize me it’s most likely for pretending to enjoy sports or a coffee in a commercial. Breaking from the laughs briefly, my short film Typecast just got into a female horror/genre festival and is a thriller about an actress willing to do whatever it takes to book a role (murder-wise).
I host a podcast called Spilling Eve, where I’m joined by a special guest writer/actor/filmmaker/Killing Eve enthusiast each week to recap and analyze the brilliant show Killing Eve episode by episode, along with some minisodes in between seasons.
In my spare time I run a vegan foodstagram over at @plant.based.kristy. Food styling and photography are such a fun hobby and a way for me to escape the focus on my words and my looks that writing and acting can be. Plus sometimes brands send me free vegan snacks, so like, it’s essentially a dream come true.

What are you currently enjoying?

-Killing Eve! (It goes without saying, but if you have not seen this show yet, stop what you’re doing and binge watch all 8 episodes immediately!)

-The Goodplace The Podcast is excellent.

-The group text I have with my female friends. It ranges from so wacky to severely sincere and even when we’re all busy and working on different projects it keeps us all connected.

-Kombucha and Tito’s Vodka.

-Ugly Delicious & Somebody Feed Phil on Netflix- two very heartwarming and tender food travel shows.

-The Sinner Seasons 1&2

-Law & Order SVU reruns (Olivia Benson is BAE)

-Facetiming with my one year old niece every day. She lives in the states and it’s one bright sunny moment I look forward to amidst the dark timeline we’re all currently struggling through.

Whats coming up next for you?

I recently co-wrote an action comedy feature film called Let’s Do This, which is one of my favorite things I’ve ever worked on. We did our first table read last week and are working on the next draft now. I’m also auditioning my little face off, developing a new web series called The Totally Normal Cooking Show about a brand new vegan hosting her own terrible cooking show, and planning to return to work running the socials for The Beaverton season 3, which is a satirical Canadian television show on CTV. Beyond that I’m always looking for dynamic, complex female roles to play and for brilliant writers to collaborate with.

Today’s best advice?
Other’s successes are not your failures. If you are creating, it can be really easy to get trapped in a vortex of comparison, jealousy, and self-doubt. Thinking that  way will 100% waste your time and serve no purpose. Try to celebrate your peers achievements and let them inspire you. This is not always easy, but I promise you it will make you far less bitter and significantly more productive.

Kristy is one busy lady – to catch up on her fantastic work please follow the links below and give the Spilling Eve podcast a listen if you are big fans of the show!

Photo Credits:Headshot Photography by  Haley Garnett
#interns and Yoga 101 Stills courtesy of Supes Legit Productions, Photographer: Lindsay Duncan

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