INTERVIEW: Jonny Element

Our second fascinating individual, who we had the pleasure of discovering and finding more about, is Jonny – a multitalented individual who (in our opinion) has one of the most mind blowing Instagram accounts going!

Who are the ‘F’ are you?

I am Jonny Element. I was born in Norway and grew up in London. I’m now a Berlin based musician, visual artist and writer.

What do you do?

I make electronic music. I sample things I like the sound of and make beats and bass lines. My EP Nuno is out now on soundcloud. All my tracks are available for free download.

My instagram is the visual story that accompanies my music. But I do veer off on tangents – like travelling through historical periods. A lot of the themes juxtapose, I think that’s the nice thing about collages. And generally it’s pretty psychedelic. I do want it to feel magic.

What are you currently enjoying?

Well today I was listening to old dub legends Scratch Perry and King Tuby. But I listen to different music everyday.

Whats coming up next for you?

I am currently enjoying building my new recording studio in Berlin and getting ready for the release of my next EP.

The artwork was made by Johannes Helgelin Check out his Instagram here:

Today’s best advice?

My best advice is to always keep learning and never let your brain crystallise.

You can find out more about Jonny and his mind blowing work on the links below:


Written by Minnis2Society

Alex has spent all his life being besotted by movies, TV, and music - then came travelling and the discovery of the Nordic regions. With his wife Claire together they have started to build an entertainment and culture site that from June will begin to have a strong Nordic theme.

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